Kim Jong-un responds to Donald Trump’s UN speech

kim jong-un

After Donald Trump’s UN speech, in which he threatened North Korea with imminent destruction, the leader from Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un, quickly responded, calling the US President “mentally deranged”. Also, according to a report coming from Al Jazeera, Kim also said that Trump will “pay dearly” for the threats he made.

A surprising move from the North Korean leader

It was one of the rarest occasions when the North’s leader makes a statement, but he wanted to share his complete opinion about President Trump, whom he called “unfit to hold the prerogative of supreme command of a country”, but also described him as “a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire”.

In order to make things even worse for the United States, shortly after the statement was released, the North Korean foreign minister also made an announcement!

Specifically, it was revealed that the country may be planning a test for a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean. This would eventually fulfill Kim Jong-un desire to take “highest-level” actions against the United States.

This week, besides threatening his country, Donald Trump also called the North Korean leader “rocket man” and claimed that he is clearly on a “suicide mission now”.

The attack warnings will surely continue

On the other side, they declared that they need strong nuclear deterrence, in order to protect themselves from the United States, a country which made militarism a central part of its ideology. As for North Korea, they’re apparently looking forward to being able to target US mainland!

It is very unusual for Kim Jong-un to release a statement in its own name and we don’t have any doubts that this will go even further, leading to a war of words between the two leaders.