Larry David performs his unique impression of Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live

larry david as bernie sanders

Larry David appeared this weekend on Saturday Night Live as Bernie Sanders and his impression of the Democratic nominee was hilarious.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cecily Strong played Rachel Maddow that interviewed Bernie Sanders (Larry David) and the dialogue between them two was entertaining, pleasing the public and people that watched it on TV. “I’ve actually got a question for you: What the hell is this tonight?” Sanders wanted to know about the MSNBC fourm. “Why are we even doing this?”

Does he really hate everyone? Well, yes…

Then, Bernie Sanders (Larry David) wanted to explain his own method in dealing with with the nations crumbling infrastructure. “I no longer drive on bridges or through tunnels. It’s too risky”. With his well-known mimicry, Larry David aroused laughter when he said to Strong (Maddow) “Of course I hate you. I hate everyone.” “I only accept coins. I just want nickels and pennies — the coins of the middle class. I’m Bernie Sanders, and I want your vacuum pennies.”, was Larry David’s final act, with the impression on how the Democratic nominee for the White House would like to receive potential donations.

Larry David, 68 years old, is an American comedian, writer, actor, and television producer. People know him especially for his co-creator role, alongside Jerry Seinfeld, in making the television series Seinfeld. Larry David returned to the show for the first time in 30 years to portray Sanders and his act was widely received on Twitter as favorable.

Will this affect Sanders’ campaign in his race for the White House?

Bernie Sanders, the persona played by David on Saturday Night Live, is an American politician that runs for the White House spot for the Democratic party. Unlike other presidential candidates, Sanders tried to sponsor his campaign through small individual donations, not through a “Super PAC”.


    Larry D is ON TO something here. HE really ought to draw this all into a a Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Episode(s?) –it would make for a perfect running gag for a Season 9 of
    CYE. …if not…. MORE
    material! for THE LOST EPISODES – Curb Your Enthusiasm (an AMZN). >> 1491081627

    • JvH

      haha I agree completely! Wish he comes back and does season 9 too!