Latest Polls Provides Democrat Aspirant Hillary Clinton Some Comforting News


Former first lady Hillary Clinton has once again increased her gap against Sen. Bernie Sanders after going for some few months with a narrow advantage over her opponents. This is according to the latest ORC international/CNN polls which were released on Monday.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton managed to draw up to 42 percent of the registered democrats and independents that prefer to lean on Democratic. This has given her a commanding lead over Mr. Bernie Sanders who managed to garner 24 percent.  The poll is said to have a margin error of 5 percent points.

This number should comfort Hillary Clinton’s campaign which had previously been overtaken by the New Hampshire and Lowa polls. The September poll saw the former secretary of state’s nationally leading Vermont Senator by a margin of 10 percentages.

However, this latest polls indicate Vice President Joseph R. Biden who might be considering to run for the US presidency solidifying his case. According to the polls, Mr. Biden  was right behind Mr. Sanders narrowly with a 22 percent support.

According to Mr. Biden, his personal deliberations to run for the presidency are still continuing. Speaking to one of America’s magazine, Mr. Biden said, “I have to be comfortable enough that this will be good for the family.”