Leaked email show Clinton’s campaign focus on black voters

hillary clinton and black voters

A new batch of leaked emails from the personal account of one of Hillary Clinton’s top officials reveal her concerns about courting black voters, a category which might have a huge impact on the results of the general elections.

The leak is believed to be the work of Russian hackers

Besides this, the emails also revealed that the campaign was worrying about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ appeal to the group, according to ABC News, so Hillary Clinton was undecided if she should give a speech about race relations.

The messages about black voters were stolen from John Podesta’s account, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and it is believe that a group of Russian hackers were behind this, with the sole purpose of influencing the result of the general elections.

The above mentioned source claims that specialists weren’t able to authenticate all the emails published by WikiLeaks, but the Democratic party admitted that they were victims of the hackers.

In their attempt to attract black voters, Clinton’s chief speechwriter, Dan Schwerin, sent messages to John Podesta and communications director Jennifer Palmieri, claiming that a speech targeted to this group would be a proof of the Democratic candidate’s “sustained and comprehensive commitment” to improving their relationship with the minorities.

Clinton’s advisers believed that the speech wasn’t a very good idea

Dan Schwerin’s response claimed that another adviser, Minyon Moore, questioned this idea, saying that such discourse could “unintentionally end up elevating questions that aren’t yet being widely asked and introduce new damaging information, especially super predator, to a lot more voters.”

In the end, the same Dan Schwerin said that it’s worth taking a shot and eventually present the speech, but at least try to move fast enough and convince black voters that Hillary Clinton is the best option without doing the discourse.