Local Author To Receive Prestigious White House Honor


An American author is set to be awarded the National Humanities Medal for 2014 by the White House. One of the top ten recipients for this award is novelist Larry McMurtry. The past years have seen different awardees such as writers, historians, scholars, philosophers, food activists, preservationists as well as an education course.

Osana, author

The model will be conferred by President Barack Obama in the East Room on the 10th of September. In attendance will also be the First Lady. The White House made an announcement that National Humanities Medal honors if awarded to either organizations or people who have deepened the country’s understanding about human experience.

The model is also given to those who have broadened the engagement of people with history or history. Some awardees have also been those who have helped in the preservation of America’s resources and have also played a key role in preservation of the American culture.

There is a selected council that reviews the nomination. The council then makes recommendations and the president ultimately pick awardees. The National Endowment for Humanities was formed in 1965 as an independent agency. The agency wages support for different course in the country including education, public programs, and preservations in the humanities.

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