Losers from the New Hampshire Republican debate


The Republican presidential aspirants took the stage for their most recent debate Saturday night in Manchester, N.H., the event took place three days before the second contest of the 2016 nominating contest the New Hampshire primary.

There was a huge turn around Donald Trump leads the state by a wide margin, while the other GOP candidates are fighting for second place. It was really an intriguing night as Donald Trump wowed the audience.

Checkout the losers bellow.


Marco Rubio: Well, Rubio has been such a strong debater so far and consistent on the campaign trail in general. Not until he ran into Christie. The New Jersey governor accused Rubio for never having been a chief executive and for not yielding much results his time in the Senate. The attack shook Rubio and knocked him off his game so much that Rubio wound up repeating a stock answer about President Obama, he reiterated that Obama knows exactly what he’s doing in driving the country to the left three times. It was lame and very not-smooth.

Ben Carson’s foreign policy talking points: Carson was trying hard to proof his knowledge of foreign policy, when he was asked a question about Obamacare. Instead answering he started protesting the fact that he had not been included in an earlier back-and-forth over North Korea. Carson has presidential race is on hanged on the balance  because of his next to nothing prowess and intelligence in foreign policy and he was eventually trying to say “Give me the opportunity i want to talk about this stuff now!

Later, when talking about the Middle East, Carson said, “None of us on this stage are foreign policy experts. Some of us might think we are. But we’re not.” That sounds truthful to an extent. But some on stage clearly more knowledgeable than others and Carson is most times clueless every time he gets a question on this stuff. http://www.whorunsgov.com/3385-2/03385