Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz: Losing On Illegal Immigration


Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz: Losing On Illegal Immigration

It was boutnd to happen. The GOP pack of candidates were bound to jump alll over Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio regarding illegal immigration and the results don’t look good for both men, as Republicans are pointing out they’re more a problem than a solution.

It’s all because both men don’t take a hard line on the issue and that raises the hackles of the staunch Republicans who want a n answer to the illegal immigration problem immediately. Even GOP fruntrunner Donald Trump has proposed an outlandish idea to combat the problem by actually deporting over 11 million people. Trump’ s proposal has met with a lot of criticism regarding logistics, but even as bizarre as Trump’s plan sounds, there are actually millions of people who support it.

It’s all due to the overwhelming frustration people have had regarding the illegal immigration problem. It’s so out of hand that absurdity is an understatement.

Both Rubio and Cruz are now under the spotlight for trying to placate the situation with legislation and programs that are nothing short of orchestrated amnesty. In Florida, Rubio’s state, he started a firestorm by expanding the H 1b program that makes it easier for people to from other countries to work in the US, thus displacing American workers. These foreign workers are hired at cheap rates and the backlash is mounting. Of note is what happened at Disney World where computer specialists were not only fired but had to stick around and train their foreign replacements. Quite a humiliating situation to say the least.

Cruz and Rubio are going to have to defend themselves. No more ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ with this issue by trying to sidestep the issue so that he illegals can not only stay but get credentials. That doesn’t help the people who’ve been displaced or victims of the illegal immigrant organized crime groups who are ruthless.

This issue is what is going to sink Cruz and Rubio. There’s no getting around it. The Republicans know they would love the Hispanic vote but they’ll do without it just to get an illegal alien remedy in the way, no matter how tough it is.

Both men are up against a rock and a hard place. They depend on the Hispanic vote and if they don’t placate that community, they’re dead in the water. Either way, they’ve got to realize that the slow progression they’re taking in handling the problem just isn’t going to work. It now calls for both to see the real story and get tough, but with a compassion, unlike what Trump and the hardliners are doing.

It’s going to be very interesting to watch.