Marco Rubio’s opinion on Trump has changed a bit

marco rubio on helping trump

The attacks between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio made the delight of the Republican debates during the primaries, as the Florida Senator was one of the few GOP candidates with important chances at winning the nomination.

People change. So does Marco Rubio

However, in the end he didn’t stand a chance against the Donald. Still, despite losing, Rubio wasn’t tempted by joining the businessman’s side, but his opinions are apparently different now, fact confirmed by the declarations he mate this Monday, ahead of voting in Tuesday’s Senate primary in Florida.

According to CNN, Marco Rubio is reluctans to alienate Trump’s supporters from the Sunshine State, a place where he won by nearly 20 points.

“The primary is over,” Rubio said in an interview after a campaign event in Fort Myers. “Republican voters chose a nominee and we have a choice between two people … I do disagree with Donald on a number of things. I disagree with Hillary [Clinton] on everything.”

Of course, these declarations make complete sense, considering that him winning another spot as Florida Senator could crucial to helping the Grand Old Party maintain a tenuous grip on the Senate.

Even more, Marco Rubio is now open to campaigning with Donald Trump, if their schedules will allow this, as he considers that the U.S. “can’t afford” to choose Hillary Clinton as president.

Could all these be the start of a partnership?

Rubio is known for his past denunciations of Donald Trump’s discourse, claiming that the Republican nominee is using a negative and personal tone in his campaign, but when he was asked about Trump calling Clinton a bigot, he seemed way to different that the Florida Senator everybody knew.

“Democrats have been calling Republicans bigots for a long time,” Rubio said. “I think Hillary Clinton has a lot or problems. I think she’s corrupt, she’s dishonest, she lies constantly. She’s always in the center of some controversy.”