Marco Rubio: The Gamer Republican

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Marco Rubio: The Gamer Republican

Still in the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States is Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Of all the candidates in this race, he stands out as a mystery to some, unconventional to others, but a sure enough wild card with a gamer’s spirit.
Rubio won’t win any points in the ‘based on science’ crowd, as he’s made some public statements of gross historical and scientific inaccuracy, but that’s the hallmark of the GOP. Toss science and logic to the side in favor of public opinion of the GOP hierarchy and rank and file. Rubio knows like all the other Republican candidates that their power base is made up of people who don’t always value scientific accuracy nor historical truth. They have their mindsets, no matter how bizarre set, and if one wants to be a Republican leader, one had better acquiesce to them to stay in the running.

Rubio differs in this however. He’s not your run-of-the-mill Republican. He marches to his own drummer and had raised the ire of his closest constituents and colleagues. He’s engaged in actions that are counter to the standard Republican model, refused to share information with them, and is an edge-of-the-seat operator that often throws even the media off course.

He’s got attitude problems too, but he’s learning fast that an attitude is like painting a bulls-eye on your butt because too much of it will draw animosity from valuable resources such as the media and party support.

What Marco Rubio is doing is gaming. He is very intelligent, shrewd, cunning, and competitive. He’s from the video game generation and he knows the value of gathering what he needs, storing it properly, upgrading resources, identifying potential allies and enemies and economizing so as to always be ready to defend or attack.

He’s not so close minded like far too many Republicans or he’d not have lasted so long and risen to the top of Florida politics. You have a massive evangelical base in Florida. Right wingers rule there. Not always wisely but they have their bottom line and Rubio knows this, worked it, and stands at the top.

His biggest challenges are two-fold. He’s not able to compete with Donald Trump nor Dr. Ben Carson, the two top GOP contenders, as they have far more support financially and among the GOP hierarchy and rank and file, however, given the absurdity and flamboyance of Trump and Carson, they are their own worse enemies and all Rubio has to do is let the others put their foot in their mouths and pick up the slack.

He needs statistics. Solid facts about his performance over the years to bolster his position and surprisingly he has them. Not all are what we’d call sane nor compassionate, but he did get things done without making ridiculous messes.

Rubio is going to have to learn also to keep his opinionated nonsense to himself. His comments about Christopher Columbus discovering the United States, when in fact the United States didn’t exist at the time of Columbus, showed sloppiness and ignorance. He can’t afford to make such errors and right now he needs to commit himself to the utmost in integrity, honesty, and logic, or the other candidates will walk all over him.

He may not get the nomination, however, if he plays his cards right he’ll be up front for any of the powerful cabinet positions of whomever wins and at his young age, he’ll be able to use that wisely to educate himself and grow into a responsible and effective leader that just might put the GOP on the sane and solid track.

  • George Fred

    This article is inflammatory. It claims Rubio has made statements of historical and scientific inaccuracy, but it only provides one claim to back it up. On top of that, that one evidence of his incorrect statements wasn’t even made by him (at least as far as I can tell from my research). It was made by Rep. Gus Bilirakis. To be fair, Bilirakis is a Florida congressman, so I can see how the author may have been confused and made a statement of historical inaccuracy.