Marco Rubio vs Ted Cruz: Cuban clash for the White House

marco rubio and ted cruz

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both young Cuban American senators who dare to dream at the White House prime position, but with both Republicans fighting for the same objective, claws are starting to emerge, says The Washington Post.

Different opinions on national security

Over the past week, a loud and hard fight has broken out between Cruz and Marco Rubio, producing one may call the biggest debate over policy and voting records in the 2016 race so far. With so many problems on the table, after the ISIS attack on Paris and all the threats that are surrounding U.S, the differences between the two on national security and immigration issues tend to amplify even more.

According to the same source, Marco Rubio has accused Cruz of being soft on national security because he voted this year for the USA Freedom Act, which assigns more limits on government surveillance.

“We’ve parted ways” on defense issues, said Rubio in a Wednesday radio interview. Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, talked about this duel betwenn the two Cuban Republicans. “They are arguing about actual votes they cast. They have somewhat different views.”. It looks like Cruz’s row with Marco Rubio is also connected with Rubio co-sponsoring a Senate bill that would have created the possibility for 11 million undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship.

Same party, different electorate

Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are increasing in polls, but they are aiming for different parts of the GOP electorate to reach from behind Republican front-runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Cruz is going after evangelicals and tea-party conservatives votes, while Marco Rubio is considering enlarging his electorate view.

The two will meet on Friday, in Iowa, when they are among those scheduled to speak at an event hosted by the Family Leader Foundation, a Christian conservative group, says The Washington Post.