McCarthy confident of becoming House Leader


McCarthy has stated that he believes he is going to get the 218 votes he needs to succeed John Boehner as the speaker of the house.

More that 200 of the members of the house have been said to have given Mc’carthy there full surport for him become the speaker according multiple surport close to his campaign operations. His team is optimistic that he will be able to accumulate the requisite support before the Oct. 29 public vote.
During a brief interview with POLITICO on Tuesday, McCarthy said he felt “very good” about his Chance heading into Thursday’s election. And when asked as he exited the weekly Republican leadership meeting if he’ll win the race on the first ballot, McCarthy asked a reporter, “What do you think?” and flashed a grin.
On Wednesday House Republicans will introduce new changes to party rules, one of which would compel candidates to vacate leadership posts and committee chairmanships before running for new slots.
McCarthy, whose job won’t get any easier after the election. Should he win, will be speaker-designate during a turbulent three weeks before his floor vote. The most pressing issue in front of him during that time will be the risen debt, which must be lifted less than a week after the scheduled floor vote for speaker.