Mike Pence might not be Trump’s VP choice after all

mike pence potential vp nominee

Over the past few days, multiple sources were pointing to Indiana Governor Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s potential running mate, but there wasn’t any sign from the businessman that he actually wants him as his VP. However, according to CNN Politics, a source close to Pence claims that an offer is imminent and we should find more in the upcoming days.

Should we expect an official announcement on Tuesday?

The same source says that the Governor is expected to join Donald Trump in a rally and a fundraiser near Indianapolis this Tuesday, this being a clear hint that the Republican VP spot will be filled soon.

“I’ll be glad to be there, either cheering from behind, or if he wants me to bring a few words,” Mike Pence told reporters Monday morning, while attending a charity bike ride for fallen police officers.

It’s worth mentioning that Mike Pence isn’t the only potential VP who attended events alongside Donald Trump lately. This Monday, the Republican nominee campaigned in New Jersey with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, while last week he was accompanied by New Gingrich in Cincinnati.

As for the exact moment when Donald Trump will finally announce his VP, there are any exact details. It could happen this Tuesday, during a rally in Westfield, but in the same time, if we give credit to a source familiar to his selection process, the end of the week could be an option as well.

A general instead of Pence?

Finally, there are some rumors claiming that instead of Mike Pence, Trump could be considering two retired generals, Michael Flynn and Stanley McChrystal, but it’s less likely for this to happen, as he declared that he prefers someone “political”, rather than a military figure.

“I do like the military, but I do very much like the political,” Trump said, basically hinting that he wants somebody with a bigger political experience.