The National Convention could finally reunite the GOP

Republican national convention 2016

This Monday is definitely a big day for the Grand Old Party, as they’re about to kick off their National Convention, an event expected to bring the unity they need so much. There’s no secret that Donald Trump managed to split the party in several groups, a lot of members not being fans of the idea that the businessman is their presumptive nominee for the General Elections.

An aggressive, but appealing message

According to Fox News, Trump reached this position after defeating 16 challengers in the primary, thanks to his message that managed to appeal millions of Americans disaffected by the the small amount of economic opportunities and constantly concerned about national security.

“Trump isn’t part of Washington, and we’re going to be talking about he’s not part of Washington,” said Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign manager. “He’s going to make a difference because he’s going to bring focus, purpose and change to Washington.”

Of course, finally uniting the party is the primary goal for the National Convention. Back in May, just 48% of Republicans believed in this idea, but the number rose to 60% last month, as soon as Trump managed to gather enough delegates to secure the nomination. Currently, 68% GOP members think that tonight’s event will finally ‘bring peace’.

Mike Pence, an important piece in a big puzzle

Another important step for Donald Trump’s campaign and for the party’s unity was made last Friday, when Indiana Governor Mike Pence was announced as the businessman’s running mate.

However, it shouldn’t be ignored that right in the verge of the Republican National Convention, 44% of voters say that they would select somebody else to be on the ticker in November, instead of Donald Trump. Also, the Democrats are in the same situation, the same amount of voters saying they’d rather see Bernie Sanders as the nominee.