New poll: Cruz ahead of Trump

CNN GOP Debate

According to a poll released by Bloomberg and the Des Moines Register, Senator Ted Cruz has the support of 31% of likely Republican caucus-goers ahead of Donald Trump’s 21% in Iowa. The Guardian reports.

Ben Carson comes third with 13% and Senator Marco Rubio at 10%. Former Governor of Florida was the only other candidate above the 3% mark.

Ted Cruz support rise from 10% in October to 31%

The poll was conducted by respected pollster Ann Selzer, a consistent performer in predicting the Iowa caucuses.
The poll reflected the falling fortunes of Carson since his foreign policy acumen has been called to question in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California. He had reached 28% in October.

Senator Ted Cruz’s support has been rising since October. He polled 10% in October. He’s surging there, having picked up several key endorsements, and his flavour of conservative evangelicalism matches the state’s Republican primary base.

In other states, Trump still wields considerable support and the fear he might win the GOP nomination still persists.

According to an opinion published in the Telegraph: “Republican leaders are increasingly worried that Trump actually might win. Just this week, it was reported that top Republican leaders gathered to discuss a way to thwart Donald Trump from winning the nomination, with the possibility that it would take an 11th-hour floor fight at the convention to stop him.”