New polls reveal a solid lead for Hillary Clinton’s campaign

hillary clinton and donald trump

A few days ago, a couple of polls were revealing that Donald Trump is leading over Hillary Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania, considered key states for the result of the general elections. However, a new series of polls confirm that Clinton now has a solid lead, which may be shrinking slightly, though.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Hillary Clinton leads over Donald Trump, 46% to 41, a margin that remains unchanged, considering a WSJ/NBC News survey from last month.

The email scandal ended, but without any effect on polls

This is very interesting, as the survey was taken before the conclusions of the email scandals were made public. The fact that all the charges on Clinton were dropped doesn’t necessarily mean that her support will increase! Also, several polls found that even though voters are worried about the Democratic nominee’s email practices, the scenario in which Donald Trump is president is something they are not even considering.

On the other side, a CNN/ORC poll claims that Hillary Clinton‘s support is up two points from June, totaling 49%, while Donald Trump is at 42% among registered voters nationally.

Other candidates are gaining territory

Finally, a Washington Post/ABC survey shows Hillary Clinton on the first place in voters’ preferences, but down 8 points, compared to hear lead from last month, with 47% support, while Donald Trump has 43% support.

The third place in the same poll is occupied by Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party’s candidate, who managed to pick up 13% of support in the last month.

Another aspect worth mentioning, revealed by multiple polls, is that both Hillary Clinton and Donald trump are two of the most unpopular candidates in the modern times. Many of their supporters are apparently driven by dislike of the opposing candidate, meaning that in November they are going to opt for the lesser of two evils.