Racism has reached it’s last two decades peak, says recent poll

Racism poll

A survey conducted by CNN/KFF revealed that racism is a big problem in the U.S. With more than 320 million people, it seems that the land of opportunities isn’t quite equal for everyone.

The numbers are worrying

In a new nationwide poll conducted by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly half of Americans, 49%, say racism is “a big problem” in society today. The same source tells us that four years ago, only 25% believed that racism was an important matter. The 49% is even higher than the one two decades ago, when, in 1995, with the O.J. Simpson trial and just a few years after the Rodney King case surged into the spotlight, 41% of Americans considered racism as “a big problem”.

The poll was conducted on 1,951 Americans across the country and with all the problems U.S is having right now, it revealed another one.

“After the 1960s and early 1970s, somehow we developed the mythology that systemic racism disappeared. The main problem nowadays is not the folks with the hoods, but the folks dressed in suits.”, said Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, a professor of sociology at Duke University, quoted by CNN.

“New racism”, a new term

It seems that, according to Bonilla-Silva, a fresh term popped up: “new racism”. He’s convinced that “new racism” has evolved in the past decades, but something has changed in recent years: access to cell phones and social media. “People are doing Sociology 101. They can connect Walter Scott, the assassinations of black folks in a church, the slamming of a girl in a school. And then it’s across the nation. People are then connecting the dots and saying, ‘No more.’”, stated the professor.

Despite tha fact nearly half of the country is convinced that racism is a huge deal, people of color (66%) and Hispanics (64%) are the most concern about the problem, while just over four in 10 (43%) whites see racism as a big problem.

  • In several polls, people were asked which race is the most racist. Every time, the answer is black people. Even 30% of black people agreed with that. Also, perceptions of racism are fueled by the media, not reality.

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