Nikki Haley attacks Donald Trump, says he contributes to ‘irresponsible talk’


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley during the state of the union address in made a comment that when she mentioned   “angriest voices” she later defended her utterance and admitted that she was referring to Donald Trump

“Mr. Trump has definitely contributed to what I think is just irresponsible talk, there’s other people in the media, there’s people in my state, I think we’re seeing it across the country,” she said.

In her argument, Haley also said the nation should admit and accommodate welcome all “properly assessed legal immigrants, irrespective of their race or religion,” which did not go down well with the conservatives who believed Haley didn’t address their views. Her response drew praises from the Democrats and a few conservatives. She said she is not the type that can launch full-scale partisan attack.

Obama dividing the nation

Governor Haley blamed president Obama for dividing the nation in different ways from issues including education, economy and national security while also remind the GOP to look inward and come up with a sensible role in making the nation grow “Republicans need to understand there are things we could do better that can help strengthen our country. I think it’s important that Republicans look in the mirror and realize, we also are to blame,” she said.

Asked if she has the intention of being picked as the Vice president running mate because of her response, she declines and said she never imagines or thought of it but ascertained that if approached by any candidates, she will sit down and think of it


Could Trump be threatened with criticism?

The GOP presidential candidate who people considered to be controversial may not be affected by criticism because he’s found of attacks on his opponents and never seems bordered. Recently, Mrs. Clinton attacked him, saying his speech against her husband dead end