No love for Syrian refugees in the U.S

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ben carson on syrian refugees

Republican candidate Ben Carson called on Congress on Monday to block funds that would have helped Syrian refugees enter the U.S. Carson’s initiative came just hours after President Barack Obama stated that Republicans should open up to people who are looking to escape the war back home, says CNN.

Is Carson’s idea a good one in the end?

Carson announced his plan at a news conference scheduled late Sunday night, telling reporters that he has sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan requesting to move a bill that “terminates all ongoing funding for any federal programs that seek to resettle refugees and/or migrants from Syria into the United States, effective immediately”, according to the same source.

“Congress I think should defend all the programs that allow all these people to be here. Immediately. Today,”, stated the Republican candidate Monday in Nevada. Earlier that day, during a news conference in Turkey from the G20 Summit, President Obama suggested Republicans to accept the fact that Syrian refugees need American help and criticized rival party for not being more opened to this pressing concern.

No more troops in war zones

But Carson had a response for Obama’s accusations and also expressed his opinion that sending more troops in Syria would be a mistake. “I think plenty of mistakes have already been made. As president, I would give the mission to the Pentagon and ask them what they need to accomplish the mission. … The era of arm-chair quarterbacking our military will end in my administration.”

When put in front of the fact that more than 2,000 Syrian refugees are already on U.S soil, Carson responded that officials should put them under surveillance. “I would watch them very carefully, that’s for sure. I would certainly stop any further ingress.”, said the former surgeon, quoted by CNN.