Trump has no support from Hispanic Republicans

trump has no support from hispanic republicans

Even though Donald Trump is leading the polls in the Republican race for the White House, it seems that important Hispanic Republicans aren’t offering their support to the business mogul, according to The Hill.

There’s a risk of losing the Hispanic community in 2016

Apparently, their main reason is Mr. Trump’s approach on immigration which could sour Latinos in the GOP and, in the same time, reduce the party’s chances of taking back the White House.

Hispanic Republicans aren’t the only ones concerned about this though. Freshman Republican Carlos Curbelo considers that Donald Trump should issue an apology after making multiple comments about immigrants if he wants support from the Hispanic group.

“He would have to start by apologizing to all the people he’s offended and for the mockery that he’s made out of the presidential campaign,” said Curbelo, cited by the above-mentioned source. Besides this, he added that the situation in which Trump wins the election could be “a bad thing for the country”.

“It would do a great harm to our country and further erode the trust of the American people in their government,” Curbello added.

Trump must change his attitude

Hispanic Republicans consider that Trump’s attitude could drive away Hispanic voters and if he will be the party’s candidate, they might lose an important and growing electoral bloc, from vital territories like Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen declared that a lot of important members of the party are angry at Donald Trump. “I represent an immigrant-rich community. Many of us are not happy with those comments,” she said. “Some don’t think that’s a problem. I do.”

Her opinion is shares by former Florida Senator Mel Martinez, another important member of the Hispanic Republicans group and former secretary of housing and urban development during George W. Bush’s terms. She claims that she’s not ready to support Trump  and hopes that it doesn’t come to that, since there are better choices for the Republican party.