There’s Nothing New About Donald Trump

nothing new about donald trump
nothing new about donald trump

There’s nothing new about Donald Trump.

Over the last few days, Donald Trump has been travelling around South America and carrying with him a growing sense of hysteria and anxiety, as the GOP wonder what problems his apparent lack of filter will cause them next.

Immediately after announcing his intentions to run for presidency, Trump began voicing his outspoken views of immigration and Mexicans, leading to a media frenzy – during which CNN mentioned the words ‘Donald Trump’ 239 times in 24 hours, and many young voters took to twitter to start creating Trump memes and hashtags.

However, it only takes a quick search on the internet to reveal that in fact this isn’t a new, outspoken and extreme version of Donald Trump – this is the same guy we’ve always been used to, except now he has been put under the spotlight and the public are beginning to feel like they have to react to what he says.

He has, in the past, been (unsuccessfully) sued for racial discrimination, and there have been various claims by those close to Trump that he utters occasional racial slurs and extreme views when not in the public eye. Let’s not forget that Trump was also an outspoken ‘Birther’ – one of those campaigning for Barack Obama to release his birth certificate and prove his own identity. Interestingly enough, Trump now refuses to produce his own – but we’ll put that to one side for a second.

What is perhaps a little concerning about Trump this time, is that in the past it didn’t matter as much if he was voicing outspoken discriminatory views – but now that he’s running for candidacy, it’s worth drawing attention to the things he says and making sure that he isn’t taken seriously.

Trump has been employing a sinister combination of scare mongering and empathy – in Los Angeles on Friday evening for example, he brought together people whose families had been killed or harmed by illegal immigrants, and took this as an opportunity to reinforce his messages that “we better get smart in the United States”. It becomes worryingly easy to confuse sympathy for the tragedies that have befallen these families with support for Trump’s outrageous and extremely hurtful comments on immigrants as a whole – which is a very dangerous prospect indeed.

Make no mistake however, Trump cannot be taken seriously – and as members of the GOP began to denounce him, one hopes that we will successfully avoid his intoxicating and malicious views on immigration and crime. It is a shame that we even have to draw attention to a man who has always seemingly had extreme views – but this time it’s important to make sure we avoid the phenomenal car crash that would be an increase in support for Donald Trump.

What are your views, do you think there’s nothing new with Donald Trump or not and does he deserve a place in Washington?