Obama Administration Proposes To Ban Health Discrimination against Transgender Individuals



On Thursday the Obama administration proposed a ban on transgender discrimination in the health care system. When the proposed regulation is finalized there will be an expansion on the insurance coverage for gender transition. It will also deny healthcare facilities from denying transgender people access to health care services.

The proposal is part of broader rules by the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure anti-bias provisions. It is part of President Obama’s healthcare law. First the law specified that discrimination based on sex is illegal and that gender identity is included in the protective umbrella. Michael Silverman, the director of Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund said, “This is a huge step.”

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This proposal comes amidst a wave of changes on social attitudes on gender and sexuality. Recently the Supreme Court recognized same-sex marriages. The new awareness has been brought with Olympian Bruce Jenner’s gender transition to female Caitlyn. The delayed rule also has a manual carrying prohibition on discrimination based on age, national origin, race, color, sex or disability.

Head of the HHS for Civil Rights, Jocelyn Samuels said that the rule doesn’t really require insurers to cover treatment of gender transition like surgery. However, insurers could face many questions in the near future about denying services to men who identify as women and women who identify as men.

  • mark abrams

    Lard is real, it us somatic and determined byvyiur chromosomes. Gender is entirely mental , it is how people claim to feel. A man who would prefer to be a woman is no different from a man who would prefer to be a cat. Neither desiire can ever come true. Both are silly fantasies bordering on mental aberatione . Hardly surprising that a mentally aberrant president seeks to protect his own.

  • Dawn

    Mark Abrams,
    I don’t know where you get your information, or how you make your decisions, but I will say that your comment is inherently ignorant. Speaking as a transgender woman who spent all of her teen years wondering why she hated herself and why her sister went through a different change than her, I can tell you that the desire to be a woman and the drive to feel as close on the outside to the gender I’ve always felt on the inside is not a “mental aberration.” It is a fully attainable and medically and psychologically accepted condition. I was never as happy before as I am now, after spending almost a decade going through the emotionally and physically painful process of becoming a woman.
    In regards to your comment concerning a man preferring to be a cat, that argument has no valid grounds in a discussion on gender. The last I checked, cat is not a gender. That is very similar to the argument that same-sex marriage will lead to the law allowing a man to marry a goat. It has no place in the real discussion about the issue at hand.

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