Obama On The ISIS Hotseat


Obama On The ISIS Hotseat

Once again, President Obama is on the hotseat regarding ISIS.

It was just the other day, the same day as the recent Paris massacres, that the US was celebrating the death of ISIS spokesman, Jihadis John. Hours later, the attacks in Paris. Hours later, another ISIS big shot gets terminated in Libya.

The world is looking toward the US to see what they’ll do in regard to the latest ISIS attacks and threats. Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place, because of his reluctance to get involved in a ground war in Iraq where ISIS has established a stronghold and in Syria where battle is the most fierce.

To his credit, Obama is proving that he won’t be suckered into the Middle East like his predecessors. He knows the military industrial complex game of allowing things to get out of hand in order to justify expansion of war and increase the revenue of those juicy defense contracts. Obama has held his ground and minimized both American casualties and injuries for the first time since mid to late 1950s. He knows the bad guys domestic and abroad want more war, however, his approach regarding ISIS has yet to be validated as a success. It was just the day before the France massacres that Obama had boasted that ISIS had been ‘contained’.

He was mistaken, very mistaken.

The other world leaders are going to have to make a decision and fast. ISIS is just proving that they can strike with devastation and do so fast with impunity and that makes no one safe. So far China has been spared but China has its own huge Muslim population to deal with and it’s unlikely they’ll get involved with radicalism the way China is known to deal with protesters. Maybe an example how the rest of the world should act regarding terrorists.

The US has technologies to detect and strike against enemies with great precision and stealth. There’s no telling what advanced technologies it really has that could wipe out terrorism overnight. Rumor and documents show that the US has indeed mechanisms of astonishing lethal nature but are under wraps. Perhaps it’s time to cut loose, if Obama can get clearance to access them.

The US has been spared any further terrorist attacks since the Boston bombing. Homeland Security seems to be doing well, but with Obama pushing to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the US, that may all fall apart. If Obama has just one, just one terrorist incident associated with a bad decision on his part, he’ll have handed the 2016 election into the hands of the Republicans who many and history say are the prime catalysts for the terrorist problem in the first place.

It’s time for President Obama to get brilliant and get brilliant fast.