Obama met with Pakistani Prime Minister to discuss pressing matters

barack obama and pakistani prime minister

U.S. President, Barack Obama, met on Thursday with Pakistani Prime Minister at the White House to discuss  the new United States’ strategy in Afghanistan, and also Pakistan’s increased nuclear arsenal. After some pleasantries were exchanged, the two went to talk these subjects behind closed doors, says USA Today.

Multiple issues were discussed during the meeting

“Obviously, the United States and Pakistan have a longstanding relationship. We work and cooperate on a whole host of issues — not just on security matters, but also on economic and scientific and educational affairs.”, said Obama in front of the press, after the meeting with the Pakistani Prime Minister, quoted by the same source.

It looks like the main topic of the discussion between Obama and Pakistani Prime Minister was the situation in Afghanistan, with U.S. officials suspecting that Pakistan  is supporting groups with links to the Afghan Taliban, although Pakistani officials say that they’ve made efforts to put down those organizations.

The Afghan problem was not the only one on the table at the meeting between the U.S President and Pakistani Prime Minister . The Asian country’s nuclear arsenal increased recently and that concerns the U.S.

The nuclear security program, a very important topic

According to USA Today, a new report by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists says Pakistan has increased its nuclear arsenal to as many as 130 warheads, a number that could double over the next decade as its rivalry with neighbor India continues.

“We’re going to continue to hold regular discussions with Pakistan on a range of issues to include nuclear security. And Pakistan, I would note, is engaged with the international community on nuclear safety and security issues. I’d also note that they have a professional and dedicated security force that understands the importance of nuclear security.”, said State Department spokesman John Kirby on Wednsday.