Obama Urges World Leaders to Act Promptly on Climate Change

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Obama On GlacierU.S. President Barack Obama has challenged world leaders to act boldly on climate change. He echoed his sentiments unusually through a blunt language that either the leaders take action on climate change or “condemn our children to a world they will no longer have the capacity to repair.”

Obama said this while opening the “GLACIER” conference in Anchorage in Alaska. He also noted that the nations which were represented in the conference were not moving fast enough in solving climate change problems.

GLACIER conference stands for Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience in the Arctic. According to POTUS nations would find themselves in severe drought, floods, greater migration, more refugees and a rise in the sea level if they don’t act immediately. He also sounded authoritative when he said that any leader who does not take the issue seriously and treats it as a joke is not fit to lead.

The Obama Administration is still trying different methods to spearhead the climate change conversations. Many members of the Obama Administration have majored on speeches on health, troops and an ecosystem of the Everglades. They have also connected the science behind global warming to moral imperative for generations to come. Under Obama leadership there has been an increase in regulation that address carbon pollution.