Obama Vies For More Support For Iran Deal

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Obama Vies For More Support For Iran Deal

President Obama appeared on CNN to bolster his stance regarding the recent Iran nuclear arms deal that was negotiated by Sec. Of State, John Kerry. It will be in September that the vote on the measure rises up in Congress, and Obama wants more congressional support so that any veto of a Republican challenge to the deal with be viable.

The big picture here is threefold. The Republicans, Israel, and the military-industrial complex want war with Iran. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They know that Iran has a justified grudge against the three and they can’t sleep not knowing if and when Iran will enact revenge. Iran’s top leaders have vowed the destruction of Israel and the US, even though they’ve not the might to do so, however, a nuclear option could do immense and irreparable harm to Israel and the surrounding area and bring obliteration to the Iranian state in response.

No one trusts Iran, and for good reason. The people there don’t want war, but Iran’s own hardline Islamic clerics, just won’t shut up about war and revenge. One might get the idea that they’re being paid on the side by the Republicans just to keep the war ball rolling. Israel knows that their citizens, especially the orthodox and right wing extremists are practically foaming at the mouth wanting to strike against Iran for any reason. Just one errant holiday balloon from Iran could spark a war at this moment.

There will be a proving ground for all involved in this issue. It’s the linchpin, the nexus point of what will determine the next phase in Middle Eastern history. With ISIS running amok all over, with Saudi Arabia now involved more in combat and negotiations, the Middle East is deteriorating into the inevitable hell-hole that even Biblical prophecy foretells. It’s like humanity is doing everything possible to bring about a disastrous end to the tens of millions of people in the region, and no power on Earth can stop it. The Iran deal is like a Band-Aid on a head wound.

Obama may be grandstanding now, but it’s a hairtrigger situation that could collapse at any second. Should Israelis strike, or another terrorist attack on Israel occur, it could escalate things to further instability. This time however, Americans aren’t suckers. They’re not going to allow for anymore ‘boots on the ground’ nonsense considering the millions of veterans, their family members, friends, and even themselves, who are disabled from combat and not receiving their hard earned benefits.

Americans have gotten wise to the game where they are used for the protection of foreign interests and lives and families destroyed in the process. President Obama, to his credit, has seen this, much to the dismay of the Republican elite who have a need for the use of the military to protect them from those their ilk have exploited, as well as the fat money made from military contracts.