Obama’s approval rating just reached a new high!

barack obama approval rating

The fact that Barack Obama is one of the most popular presidents the United States ever had is no longer a secret. However, the latest approval rating he received, of 55%, basically confirms this, being the highest mark of his second term and, in the same time, mathing his best at any time since her first stepped into the Oval Office.

According to CNN, Obama’s latest rating is one point higher than the previous, which was reached after a Democratic convention. Also, it was just two times he managed to reach this score, in January 2013 and January 2011.

A huge rating improvement, compared to 2015

On the other side, back in October 2015, his rating was 10 points lower than the current. The improvement has come across various age groups and gender, from various geographical areas.

Besides this, it seems that Barack Obama’s approval is also dealing with a racial gap, as scores withing white and Hispanic communities have improved, while he managed to remain steady among blacks.

To be more specific, 86% of black voters approve in the new poll, same as one year ago, while among Hispanics, his approval rating has grown from 60% to 66%. Finally, 55% of white voters with college degrees are supporting the President’s work.

Obama is still behind two very popular presidents

President Barack Obama’s rating has surpassed George W. Bush at this point in his term in office and is almost the same as Ronald Reagan’s, in 1988. Also, he’s currently behind Bill Clinton’s score from October 2000. As a side note, both Clinton and Reagan managed to surpass 60% during their terms.

The poll was conducted by CNN and ORC, between September 28 and October 2, on a sample of 1501 adults, with a sampling error of plus minus 2.5 percentage points.