The Panama Papers could send Bernie to the White House

bernie sanders panama papers

For years, wealthy people haven been exploiting overseas tax havens, so we weren’t that surprised after hearing about another discovery regarding this, in Panama. Still, this time it was more than just your average tax haven, according to the document leak from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonesca, according to The Inquisitr.

The Panama Papers are considered by many specialists just the tip of the iceberg. Besides what it can reveal about the financial affairs of world leaders, it would also attract a huge global politics implication. And what if we told you that one particular politician might score the biggest win of his career after this whole scandal?

Bernie might be very close to a big campaign hit!

We’re talking about Bernie Sanders, for whom the Panama Papers can be considered a platform he can use to appeal angry, undecided voters. Even though Hillary Clinton hasn’t been associated with the leak, she is a part of the elite rich, which, you guessed it, have benefited from tax evasion schemes.

Knowing these details, it’s not that hard to guess that the Vermont Senator has the chance to exploit this whole situation in his advantage. In his upcoming narratives he might mention that Hillary Clinton is a part of the social category responsible for tax bombshells. Even more, the fact that she insisted for the Panama Free Trade Deal, while Sanders opposed it, could have a massive impact as well.

As the Panama Papers scandal will keep the front pages in the next period, we won’t be surprised to see that undecided Democrats will be tempted to give Bernie Sanders their vote. And let’s not forget that the New Your primary is just around the corner, with 247 delegates available.

Both front-runners can be affected!

Oh, and let’s not forget one important detail. Republican front-runner Donald Trump is also in hot water, being know for constant tax dodging. Simply put, the Panama Papers might be the key to the White House for Bernie Sanders!