Paris attacks not followed by serious threat against U.S. Yet!

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officer guarding in times square after paris attacks

After Paris attacks, U.S intelligence officials were put in guard to avoid a similar situation happen on American soil. But no evidence of a possible attack were found, said people in charge, according to ABC News. Still, added security measures were imputed nationwide.

Extra security on New York’s streets

In New York, officers with assault rifles could be found in Times Square, and extra security was stationed at French-owned sites in Washington and consulates in Boston and New York City, says the same source. Other states, like Minnesota, chose not to make a big deal of Paris attacks and didn’t dispose extra security.

A Bloomington police official stated the force had no plans to increase security at the Mall of America, which receives about 40 million visitors each year. “This is not the kind of thing that is a wakeup call to New York City. We’ve been awake about this for a long time”, said John Miller, the department’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism.

Officials have all the reasons to be worried

This statement followed some measures that demonstrated that the Paris attacks worried U.S officials. Dozens of police cars left Times Square with lights and sirens blaring Saturday afternoon when the New York Police Department deployed its “Critical Response Command”. A “Critical Response Command” is when officers equipped with heavy weapons and other tactical equipment are sent to defend strategic locations inside the city, confirms ABC News.

In other cities, the situation is the same. Washington police spokesman Officer Sean Hickman said that additional law enforcement officers were deployed to French-owned sites and other important locations just to make sure nothing happens, while in Boston the Massachusetts State Police said “a comprehensive and multi-layered security package” was in place at Logan International Airport and patrols were placed near the State House, according to the same source.