Pataki: ‘I Think Trump is Just Dreadful’


Former Governor George Pataki, a Republican presidential candidate, made a stop for a quick campaign in New Hampshire. He met with various business groups especially in the southern parts of the state and also headed north to attend meetings and fairs. When he stopped in Concord he commented on the state of the presidential race noting that it was still summer and that polling data may not really matter.

Mr. Pataki reacted to Donald Trump, who is also the main man in the race. Trump has been hosting huge crowds all across the country including New Hampshire.  The presidential hopeful said that currently the campaign trail is “sound bite reality TV politics”. He also added that if it were February he would be a bit worried a bit worried. On Trump he called him “just dreadful”.


“The idea that we’re going to take more than 10 million Mexicans and deport them, the idea that Mexicans are thugs and rapists … we don’t need someone who divides us,” said Pataki. He also added that Obama has deported Mexicans for seven years and that the nation doesn’t need to be divided. He also termed the idea of deporting babies “outrageous.” On his campaign on New Hampshire he thanked most of his supporters who have shown up in large numbers all over the country.