Paul Ryan: Obama’s State of the Union speech, a divorce from reality


House speaker, Paul Ryan has responded to the State of the union address of president Obama as a divorce from reality. He said the political tone of the speech towards the GOP presidential hopeful, Donald Trump is un-called for and totally degrades the presidency

During the speech, it could be recalled that Obama made comments obviously targeted at Trump, though he didn’t mention his name in the address. Ryan said with the words of the president and the person that promised hope for the state, his idea is threatening America under control

Although, Ryan agreed with Obama that Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants from the United States was a wrong idea. “Putting a religious test on anybody coming to this country is wrong,” he said “We ought to have a security test, not a religious test. That’s who we are but he admitted that it degrades the president to focus on primary politics in the other party, during primaries instead, speaking up for values and speaking up for beliefs is important

Ryan promise support for Trump

Ryan, who will be chairman of the Republican National Convention this summer made it known that he will give his full support to the GOP candidate if he eventually wins the Republican nomination. According to him, “I respect the primary process, and I respect the Republican primary voter.”

However, he defended South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley attack on Trumps when she says he contributed to irresponsible speech “I think she’s made her point pretty well, which is as conservatives, we’ve got great principles, great ideas, and these are inspirational,” he said.


Trumps reacted to Nikki

After the Republican South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley throws jabs at Trump in response to the state of the Union Address, calling him “the angriest voices,” and called on the people to repel him, the Republican front-runner came out and vividly responded saying “I am! I’m very angry because I hate what’s happening to our country’’