Politics of words: Jeb Bush and Trump trade blames

Jeb bush and Trump politics of words
Republican presidential candidates, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, right, and Donald Trump both speak during the CNN Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015, in Simi Valley, Calif. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

The Republican party has witnessed blames and counter accusations in recent weeks from its candidates, against each other. Among these are former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and controversial billionaire businessman, Donald Trump. After first trying to ignore the billionaire bigot, and then getting humiliated by him, Jeb is now making his willingness to stand up to Trump the centerpiece of his campaign. He’s just released an ad entitled “The Only One,” which shows Jeb lustily going after the GOP frontrunner, while words like “chaos candidate,” “unhinged,” and “liberal” flash onto the screen. Jeb, like his brother and father, prizes decorum. He wants presidential candidates to behave like gentlemen. Trump on the other hand is noted for his outbursts and carefree comments.

Bush blames Obama for Trump

During their respective bids for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and in a recent interview with “Face the Nation,” Bush said he knows exactly who to blame for the Trump phenomenon, which has dominated the Republican primary and divided the party. According to the CBS, Bush said: “He (Trump) would not exist were it not for Barack Obama.”  “He is the antidote in some people’s minds to the politically correct, divisive policies of Barack Obama.”

Trump is a jerk!

“Just one other thing, i gotta get this off my chest, Donald Trump is a jerk.” Bush said to laughter and applause at his town hall Contoocook, New Hampshire. According to CNN, the two candidates had been sparring all week after Bush started executing a new strategy of directly confronting Trump at the CNN debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday. They continued trading shots throughout the week, with Trump calling Bush “dumb as a rock” on Twitter Friday and getting in some fresh insults Saturday while campaigning in Iowa.

Trump continued his attacks on Bush, calling him “incompetent” and “terrible.” “It was so sad to watch him (at Tuesday’s debate),” he said. Trump later said he’s not looking for Bush’s approval. “I don’t want Jeb Bush’s endorsement. It doesn’t mean anything. He’s not tough. He’s not smart,” he said. “I want endorsements from the absolute best.” As Trump sits comfortably at the top of the GOP poll, more is still to come from these two candidates.