Pope Francis Visit, important factor in the 2016 Campaign circus


Pope Francis is set to become the first pontiff to address a joint Congress session.  The joint congress will be addressed by Pope on Sept 24th something most people see could just but be another wild card in the unpredictable 2016 US elections. The Popes address might turn to be a major factor especially if he manages to talk on some of the most controversial areas like Planned Parenthood funding, Immigration, Iran nuclear deal and global warming.

The joint congress had a very curious genesis: a left leaning Pope Francis, who is referred to as Marxist by Rush Limbaugh was invited by John Boehner, a right leaning speaker.

The Republicans will get the opportunity to listen to Pope Francis speak about:

Immigration: According to Pope Francis, immigrants, whether legal or illegal are victims of injustice and deserve support, not the type of scorn which has been placed on them by some of the politicians.

Capitalism: If it goes uncontrolled, it will most likely devour everything which stands in the way of the increased profits.

Climate Change: During the encyclical in June, Pope Francis stated that global warming was real and one of the problems all governments should address urgently despite the expenses they will incur.