President Obama to meet Bernie Sanders

barack obama and bernie sanders

Now that Hillary Clinton has finally clinched the Democratic nomination, party leaders are trying to reunite the party and support their candidate for the upcoming general elections. However, as we all know, Bernie Sanders hasn’t ended his presidential bid, despite a lot of pressure being put upon him. And desperate moments require desperate measures.

There’s a whole strategy behind this meeting!

According to The New York Times, the situation is currently so frustrating that only an intervention from President Obama could make the Vermont Senator make up his mind.

Barack Obama is expected to meet Bernie Sanders in Washington, this Tuesday, and try to convince him to support Hillary Clinton during her campaign, while he can further his policy agenda while unifying the Democratic party.

President Obama‘s meet with Senator Sanders is part of a bigger strategy, which will culminate with his formal endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the upcoming days, followed by an appearance in her campaign shortly after.

The President also praised Bernie Sanders, in a taped appearance for “The Tonight Show”, saying that he brought an “enormous energy and new ideas” to the campaign. “My hope is over the next couple weeks we’re able to pull things together,” he added.

Democrats are doing their best to help Clinton in her clash against Trump

Important members are currently asked to forget about all the differences and unite for the party’s own good, but without alienating Bernie Sanders’ supporters, a group able to provide a significantly amount of votes for Hillary Clinton in the general elections, scheduled for November 2016.

Vice President Joe Biden, on the other side, said that Bernie Sanders shouldn’t be rushed, praising everything he did until now for the Democratic party. “We should be a little graceful and give him the opportunity to decide on his own.”