President Obama’s Vacation - A Bear Necessity

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president obama vacation

When you’re the leader of one of the biggest country in the world, you truly can’t have a moment of quiet, some time for yourself. And Barack Obama can totally relate.

Two weeks of peace for the World’s most powerful man

President Obama’s Vacation started this Friday, when he left Washington, DC for his family annual August vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, his sixth trip to the island getaway as President. But it wouldn’t be the first time when he won’t have time to relax, strained with his country’s problems.

One of the issues is the nuclear deal between USA and Iran. Obama had a speech on Wednesday in front of the Congres, casting this problem as a decision between war and peace. But with the approval of the agreement far from a done deal, and with Chuck Schumer, leading Senate Democrate of New York, public arguing Obama’s opinion, it seems that the President will not have time to tan in his vacation.

The First Family will stay in the next two weeks at the same location they rented last year, a 8,100 square foot estate with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, a hot tub and dual tennis/basketball court.

Hopefully no urgent calls during President Obama’s vacation

The President will surely want to work on his golf game of catching up on time with his family, but, as we’ve seen last year, things don’t always turn out as planned.

President Obama Vacation Golf


During President Obama’s vacation from 2014, he had to respond to the developments in Iraq, violence in Ferguson, and the ISIS beheading of James Foley. He even had to return for three days to the White House to address about the developing situations in Iraq and Ferguson, Missouri.

Finally, we’re pretty sure that President Obama’s vacation from this year will be normal, without any ‘special’ events, allowing him to enjoy the peace and quiet for two weeks, as a normal guy would.