Presidential Polls 2016: Gallup Poll not favorable to Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

As the election draws near, candidates are able to know their popularity and acceptance among the people. Both the Democrat and the Republican candidate can actually know how acceptable they are from various polls conducted in the past. The recent poll conducted shows that Jeb Bush has not been on the winning side as far the election is concerned.


Despite, Jeb having a huge advantage when coming into the race as a former governor and his net   favorability rate has significantly reduced, making him the most unpopular GOP contender in the Republican field

The former Florida governor, was once seen as an early front-runner and boasted a net favorability of +27 in July. The advantage and legacy of his family helped him earn strong recognition and acceptance early in the race with huge number of Republican voters.

On Friday, a new Gallup poll, which was released showed that his favorability since July has reduced by 28 points, thereby putting him at a new low of -1 percent. Although, his name recognition rating has increased to 89 percent, making him the second most recognized GOP candidates in the race behind Donald Trump who came first place with a 94 percent rating. This means that the more Bush is recognized, the least voters like him.

‘Despite his campaign’s effort to improve his image, Bush suffered the biggest favorability decline with men as his rating with the group dropped by 39 points. Meanwhile, his women’s favorability rating has declined by 13 points’. Latinpost reports
Jeb bush tackles Trump

With the wave of attack from the GOP candidates, Jeb Bush and the business mogul, Donald Trumps have been on loggerhead. The two presidential candidates under the platform of the Republican Party could not hide their anger while using any available medium to tackle each other

Trump had earlier criticized Bush for mismanagement and wasteful spending on his ads and which doesn’t go than well the Bush. Bush referred Trump as a “jerk” and a clone of ‘’Barrack Obama’’

Trump recently accused Bush of mismanagement by spending a lot of money on his ads. Not only is Donald Trump a “jerk” in the eyes of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, but he’s also “a creature of ‘’Barack Obama.”  “I would argue that Donald Trump is, in fact, a creature of Barack Obama,” “but for Barack Obama, Donald Trump’s effect would not be nearly as strong as it is,” he said.