Presidential Race : Paul Rand ready for a “Rebound”


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has stated that his presidential campaign is ready for a rebound. He describes his organizational effort as strong and noted he beats Hillary Clinton when a one-on-one polling was conducted in five states carried by President Barack Obama in the last election.

Paul still sees himself in the mix and as shown no sign of giving up despite people thinking it a wishful thought on his path, he proposed a smaller government and a balanced budget and also said the present government is over spending, wasting funds and stifling regulations. “The good news is your government’s open. Bad news is your government’s open,” he said. “And nothing is being reformed.”
Paul also said the U.S can’t go on borrowing because of it consequences and warned against an “imperial presidency,” an “inconsequential” Congress and entitlements that threaten’ future growth of Americans . Paul also added “It’s not very popular, but it’s imperative,” he said. “You have to do it. You have to raise the age of eligibility. We’re living longer and there’s less workers.”
According to him, the ratio of workers to retirees used to be 16:1, but now it’s 3:1.
We’re living much longer lives. We just need to slow down when you get your Social Security,” Paul added.