Reid gives Ryan surprise surport as speaker


Democratic leader, Harry Reid has just given Paul Ryan an unwelcome endorsement for speaker.

Reid offered his surprise support for Ryan to assume the post of Speaker of the House, saying he hopes Ryan runs and wins the job because he’s a “Paul Ryan fan.”
Indeed, Ryan’s work with his lieutenant Sen. Patty Murray on a two-year budget deal in 2013 remains a bipartisan highlight for a Congress otherwise beset by gridlock. But was Reid hurting Ryan by praising him?

“He appears to me to be one of the people over there that would be reasonable. I mean look at some of the other people,” Reid stated. “I don’t agree with him on much of what he does. I think what he’s done with Medicare and Medicaid, what he’s wanted to do I disagree with. But generally speaking we’ve been able to work with him.”
The Democrat shrugged when asked if he was actually giving Ryan a kiss of death as the Wisconsin lawmaker weighs a speakers bid amid ever-growing criticism from the right for his policy positions. (Later Tuesday, Ryan said he would serve as speaker if the caucus unites behind him.)

“I just speak the truth,” Reid added. “If it helps him fine, if it doesn’t that’s too bad.”

Source : Politico