Republican Presidential aspirant Carson not for a Muslim President


Speaking in one of the news TV stations late on Sunday, Republican presidential aspirant Ben Carson claimed a Muslim should never be a US president since Islam wasn’t consistent with the United States Constitution.

Dr. Ben Caron a neurosurgeon who has never occupied any political office said that he will never advocate for anyMuslim to be in charge of the nation. “I would never allow for such a thing to happen in the US,” he clarified.

Islam has been a major point of debate in this week’s presidential campaign. Republican aspirant, Donald Trump has received lots of criticism for failing to comment on the matter after one of the supporters in an event held in New Hampshire.The supporter claimed that the US was having a major problem, and it is Muslim!

fea4488f-6d69-4b5a-b880-1bb7fe15a4bbKeith Ellison, a US Representative and the first Muslim to hold a political office on a Democrat ticket accused Donald Trump and Ben Carson of “fear mongering.”

Keith Ellison stated that it was unimaginable to have the leading GOP presidential candidates resort to fear to monger just for their personal gain. “For Donald Trump, Ben Carson and any other Republican to claim that someone of any faith is unfit to hold any office is out of their touch and control.”