Republicans divided over Donald Trump candidacy

Donald trump candidacy divides republicans

The 2016 race has led to emergence of several individuals from all walks of life, vying for the number one position in America. The Republican party is divided over the choice of the candidate to support. Controversial businessman, Donald Trump is the man in the center of the fear that has gripped the Republicans. There are fears by some people that Trump candidacy will pose a great danger and threat for the GOP, while some see his emergence as what the party actually needs to wrestle power from the Democrats.

Support, endorsements and criticisms

The candidacy of Donald Trump has been supported and endorsed by some prominent individuals within and outside the Republican party. Sarah Palin and Bob Dole both recently preferred to have Trump at the White House than any other candidate. On the other side, some GOP pundits and strategists in recent days have issued barbed denunciations of the real-estate mogul. Former adviser to President George W. Bush, Peter Wehner said a Trump candidacy “would pose a profound threat to the Republican Party.”

Trump only needs to convince the voters

Trump is already popular, especially with his remarks and comments on issues. What remains for him is to convince voters to support him to the end, and sustain such if he eventually emerges as the Republican nominee. However, Trump faces threats from rival GOP hopeful, especially Senator Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who are both trailing him in Iowa. According to the Wall Street Journal, observers of the republican party are waiting to see if Trump can raise his support high enough to win when the field narrows, especially after the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses. Election observers have noted that it’s still early, that things will shake out when the voting draws near. If Trump is able to scale through, he faces serious challenge from the Democratic candidate.