RNC puts Trump ahead of Clinton in polls

Donald Trump leads in polls

Donald Trump has all the reasons to be happy after the Republican National Convention, as the businessman is currently leading in polls with 44%, registering a 6 point bounce, while Hillary Clinton is at 39%. The two main candidates are followed by Gary Johnson, with 9%, and Jill Stein, with 3%.

According to CNN, who also conducted a poll, this is the first time since 2000 when a significant post-convention bounce is registered, when Al Gore and George W. Bush both boosted their percentage with an identical 8 points.

Key states can decide the President

However, it’s worth mentioning that national polls don’t always have a large enough sample to precisely reveal how candidates are performing in key states. Also, for the moment, there’s little information available on how the RNC affected Trump’s popularity in each state.

It seems that the businessman’s current advantage is due to the support he received from independents though. 43% of them, for example, said that his performance in Cleveland convinced them that he’s likely to become presidents. Before the RNC, just 31% of independents were backing Trump, while Hillary Clinton was relying on 34%. The Democrat’s independent support has now dropped to 28%.

With just four months left until the general elections, Donald Trump seems to have reached the maximum support. On the other side, polls results still need to be treated with caution, as these numbers will most likely change in the upcoming weeks.

The GOP shouldn’t celebrate so early, despite the slight advantage

There’s one important aspect why Donald Trump’s campaign should be more than happy right now: most voters are closer than ever to taking the final decision, to pick the candidate who will get their votes.

In order to win in November, Donald Trump needs to make sure that he is the number one choice in key states and convince the voters who are still keeping their political opinions private – because there are a lot of them – that he can make a great President.