Romney labels Obama’s administration a disaster

Romney labels Obama's administration a disaster
Romney labels Obama's administration a disaster

Former United States Presidential aspirant Mitt Romney as once again reminded officials of the White House how much of a threat Russia is, He stated this during the Aspen Institute’s Washington Ideas Forum in the nation’s capital hours after Russia began airstrikes in Syria urging America to stay clear.
The former governor of Massachusetts [2003-2007], said “you don’t let the Russians tell us we can’t fly over Syria”.
Romney was however mock

ed by Democrats for saying that Russia was America’s top geopolitical foe.
Officials from the white house however have stated that the country will not vacate Russia’s airspace as long as Russia’s mission lasts in the region and will hereby continue normal operations.
Romney however argued that the rise of the Islamic state was due to two administrative failures of Obama’s government . The first he sited to be the country’s failure to give support to the rebel forces fighting against Assad, despite Hillary Clinton making the suggestion while she was secretary of states.
The second point he said was the inability of the U.S government to have U.S soldiers remain in Iraq, where the ISIS has also flourished.
Romney went ahead to label the overall Obama’s foreign policy a “disaster” and also adding that the President has created most of his problems himself by eliminating options or by taking too long to pull the triggers on certain foreign policies.