Rubio: Leading in December doesn’t guarantee win


GOP candidate Senator Marco Rubio joined the long list of candidates slamming GOP front-runner Donald Trump on his proposed ban on all Muslims from the United States.

According to CNN, he called it “unconstitutional.”

Trump’s call is unconstitutional.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, he said: “It is never going to become the law of the country, what Donald Trump is proposing.”

Rubio believes that though Trump is leading in polls, that it doesn’t matter. He believes a change is imminent as the election progresses.

“Most of the people who are leading in December very rarely win in January, and in February and in March, when these votes start to count. I’m not gonna hyperventilate about polls.”

According to ABC News, Senator Rubio bashed leading Democratic party front runner Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton had called for increased air strikes and an intensified fight against ISIS.

America can not defeat ISIS by just air strikes

He had said: “you cannot defeat ISIS by just air strikes.” He also opined that Hilary has “no credibility” on foreign policies.