Rubio : Its Time to wake up

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Marco Rubio’s campaign has just been knocked back to reality after all it recent hype.
The Florida senator’s team had previously insisted it had accumulated more campaign cash in the bank than fellow Floridian Jeb Bush only it hadn’t. The campaign also told reporters it had raised $6 million in the last fundraising quarter also not true. That turned out to be an overly generous rounding of the underwhelming real figure: $5.7 million.
Despite all the recent buzz surrounding his candidacy which as also been fueled by strong debate performances, Rubio isn’t raising enough money to keep pace with his rivals in the top tier and he’s running out of time to assemble a robust field organization.

“If Trump-mania subsides, you’ve got to have a mechanism and a structure,” said Chip Felkel, a South Carolina Republican strategist who isn’t associated with any campaign. “I think you’re being risky if you don’t put a structure in place.”
A longtime New Hampshire operative who thinks Rubio could do well in the area added that the senator has “missed a lot of opportunities over the year where he could’ve been here more regularly.”

“Early on and over the summer, when he came here, he’d have like one public event,” the operative stated. “Rubio people might feel pretty good because he got that good debate performance. That was a good moment. You’re going to have bad moments in the campaign. If you haven’t put together the organization, if you haven’t spent time laying the foundation for undecided voters to make decisions, when you have challenging moments or bad moments, you can’t sustain any of the ground you made up.”

Source : Politico