U.S official says that Russia and China could affect global order

ash carter global order

Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated on Saturday that Russia and China are threatening global order by their actions on world scale, says American Press.

Carter accused Russia of endangering global order and gave examples the act of war against Ukraine and Russia’s leaders loose way to talk about nuclear power. The Defense Secretary wanted to ensure everybody that the U.S. defense establishment is searching for new ways to determine Russia to drop it aggression, and protect U.S. allies, says the same source.

Even a cold war with Russia is to be avoided

“We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot, war with Russia. We do not seek to make Russia an enemy. But make no mistake: The United States will defend our interests, our allies, the principled international order, and the positive future it affords us all.”, stated Carter, quoted by American Press. Since the Cold War, few officials dared to speak as straight and opened about Russia as Carter did.

“In Europe, Russia has been violating sovereignty in Ukraine and Georgia and actively trying to intimidate the Baltic states. Meanwhile, in Syria, Russia is throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire, prolonging a civil war that fuels the very extremism Russia claims to oppose.”, continued Carter.

China is another power that shouldn’t be forgottern

Carter didn’t forget China, of course, a new force to be reckoned with when it comes to global order.  The Defense Secretary talked about the Chinese expanding influence and growing military power and characterized the country as the single most influential player in Asia’s future.

“As a rising power, it’s to be expected that China will have growing ambitions and a modernizing military. But how China behaves will be the true test of its commitment to peace and security.”, said Carter, before concluding that “Of course, neither Russia nor China can overturn global order”.