U.S officials claim they know what brought down Russian plane

russian plane crash

The United States are confident that a terrorist bomb is responsable for the desintegration of a Russian plane over Egypt, military officials confirmed for CNN.

Several senior U.S. officials in the intelligence, military and national security community spoke with the network’s reporters and all confirmed the same thing: a bomb brought down the Russian plane with 224 people on board.

The Obama administration was reserved in giving declarations

One official said it was “99.9% certain,” another said it was “likely.”, according to CNN. President Barack Obama spoke on Thursday about the incident, but he was quite reserved and stated that there is “a possibility” a bomb was on Metrojet Flight 9268. All passengers, 224, died in the incident and now Russian authorities are flying home the remains of victims for identification. Only 58 of the victims have been identified through DNA testing until now, says the same source.

Israeli intelligence helped a lot U.S authorities as some of the intelligence intercepted used to establish what happened to the Russian plane came from them. The communications were captured by Israeli intelligence stationed on the Sinai, and submitted to the United States and Britain. Israeli officials didn’t want to make any comments about this information.

No conclusion regarding the crash was taken yet

In charge of the main crash investigation are Egyptian officials, but they told the press that no conclusion has been established yet. “We don’t know what happened exactly”, said Ayman al-Muqaddam, the head of the investigation, to reporters on Saturday.

Al-Muqaddam also claimed that if there are information regarding the crash of the Russian plane, then it should be handed out to Egyptian officials as well. Because some of the intelligence came from the Israeli part, a possible cooperation over the case between the two sides seems unlikely.