Sanders and Clinton met at church, right before Nevada caucus

bernie sanders hillary clinton nevada caucus

Democrats are looking forward to this weekend, as the party’s Nevada caucus, one of the most important events of the month, is scheduled to take place. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are currently doing their best in order to make sure that the state’s African-American electorate will give them votes, no matter if we’re talking about organized rallies or speeches held in churches. The same churches, that is.

Same duration, different discourses

According to The Washington Post, the candidates met this Sunday at the Victory Missionary Baptist Church, in an attempt to make their messages heard. With just a few days before the Nevada caucus, Bernie Sanders decided that it’s imperious to talk about the criminal justice reform and the economic policy, targeting billionaires and top 1% earners. On the other side, Hillary Clinton thought that it’s more important to criticize his rival.

“I am not a single issue candidate and this is not a single issue country,” Hillary Clinton said about her rival. “Because if we were going to achieve everything about banks and money and politics, would that end racism? Would that make it automatically going to happen that people will be able to get the jobs they deserve, the housing the need, the education their children should have?”

Bernie Sanders did not mention his rival

As for Mr. Sanders, he preferred mentioning the issues that interested the audience, just before the Nevada caucus.

“Some of us believe that what God teaches us what this world is about is that we do not turn our backs on our brothers or our sisters,” he said. “Essentially, we are in this together.”

“We cannot as a nation turn out back on the reality that we have more people in jail today than any other country on earth,” the Vermon Senator added.

  • cris levin

    Bernie, behind all your passion, do you have any realistic plan to make any progress on any issue? I like sweet talks as much as the next guy, it doesn’t solve anything.