Sanders is after the superdelegates!

sanders is after superdelegates

Despite being pressures from all sides, Bernie Sanders is a man of his word. He promised to continue his fight for the Democratic nomination until the last vote is given and he will do exactly what he said.

Even though Hillary Clinton is leading the race with an impressive advantage, the Vermont Senator told reporters at a conference in Los Angeles that his only chance is now going after the superdelegates.

Is there still hope for The Bern?

From the total of 2,313 delegates the former First Lady has, 1,769 are pledged and 544 are superdelegates, while Sanders has 1,501 pledges and just 46 superdelegates. Therefore, his only hope is know convincing the ones who promised to vote for her to change their minds, in order to make a big surprise at the Democratic convention in July.

To be more specific, superdelegates are usually party leaders, who have individually committed to supporting a candidate, says CNN Politics. Of course, it will be pretty hard for Bernie Sanders to convince such a big number of people to switch sides in a short period of time.

Through this move, he wants his supporters to see that the race isn’t finished and he won’t step aside, despite all the pressure several Democratic leaders are putting onto him.

He does have a point!

“The media is in error when they lump superdelegates with pledged delegates. Pledged delegates are real,” Sanders said. “Hillary Clinton will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to win the Democratic nomination at the end of the nominating process on June 14. Won’t happen. She will be dependent on superdelegates.”

And yes, The Bern is right, from a point of view. However, once again, we’re talking about a few hundreds of people who already promised to support Hillary Clinton. If he wants to convince them that he’s the better option, he will have a very tough mission.

“I’m not here to tell you that tomorrow we’re going to flip 300 superdelegates. You don’t hear me say that. But I am saying we are going to make the case,” Sanders added.