Sanders Still Beating The Competition

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Sanders Still Beating The Competition

According to the latest data from a YouGov/CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll, shows that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is way out in front of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton did however gain more than 20 points though.

Clinton still holds a lead in South Carolina and Vice President Joe Biden is showing strong as well. Sanders, however, holds 52% of the Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, while Clinton is only at 30%. In Iowa, Sanders leads with 43% to Clinton’s 33%. This data should be of great concern to the Clinton camp as Sanders has beaten all speculation regarding his campaign’s legitimacy.

Sanders’ campaign has become a major thorn in the side of traditional Democrat elitists and to Hillary Clinton in particular. His rise is due to the same reason Donald Trump is leading the GOP candidates. Both are loudly addressing issues that the public feels that present leadership has failed miserably at for decades. As new information about the powers behind the thrones that have ruled the world the past several hundred years has emerged, and been verified, the public is wiser and smarter to the overall games being played and want no more of the same old, same old.

Sanders knows this. So does Trump’s people. The fact that both are so far ahead of the competition is testament to this. Sanders has been packing in tens of thousands at his rallies, much to the chagrin of the mainstream media that still won’t address him as a legitimate candidate. This shows the public that the media is under some form of control, however, traditional news media is failing against the massive amount of internet based independent media, often run by professionals in the field that no longer adhere to the strong-arming of corporate media.

The public can now see statistics that otherwise wouldn’t have been presented by mainstream media and are making their own assessments. Sanders is taking advantage of this and is doing magnificently at it at that.

Clinton’s teams are running on old school tactics that just don’t work anymore. Same with the major GOP contenders. Sanders and Trump present the new breed and their poll showings are testament to this fact.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines but showing strength is Vice President Joe Biden. He represents both old school and new school tactics and exudes experience and confidence. Should he ramp up his campaign, Sanders would be given a run for his money as the corporate media would herald Biden no matter what he does.

It’s going to be one wild ride all the way through 2016.

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Greg Boone, a native New Yorker, has worked for such companies such as the Gannet News Service, TimeWarner, America Online to name a few. Boone also works in the field of regenerative medicine, covering the frontiers of stem cell research and treatments for the past 10 years.