Saudi King visits the White House to an uncertain welcome

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U.S. President Barak Obama welcomed Saudi’s King Salman to discuss the threat caused by the Islamic State, how to control ongoing chaos in Syria and Yemen and prospects of increased Iranian aggression. During his term President Obama hasn’t been easy on the Royal Family from Saudi Arabia. He has always reiterated that they are the “biggest threat” to Arab allies of the United States.

Saudi King

The subtext of King Salman and Obama’s meeting is the persistently tense relationship between the United States and one of its important allies in the Persian Gulf. Former top White House advisor, Prem Kumar, said “I doubt that the president will be that blunt in the Oval Office.”

In the recent weeks the Saudis have supported the nuclear deal between the United States and Iran. The deal has come under tense criticisms by both Democrats and Republicans in the Congress. However, Saudis have also criticized the deal as it will leverage the financial gains which will come after the sanctions against Iran are lifted. They think the region might experience more war.

The Saudis are more concerned that the United States has been more passive in the Syrian and Yemeni war and that their priority has been Iran’s negative behavior.