Scott Walker’s Labor Day Weekend: Union Bike and Anti-Union Message


Republican Presidential candidate Scott Walker will spend the better part of the holiday riding on motorcycles across New Hampshire. Mr. Walker has in the past won a nationwide reputation for having confronted with organized labor. His move comes at a time when many members of labor organizations are opting out.

Generally the labor issue doesn’t appear to be a top priority for Republicans. During the debate held on August 6th Walker said, “I took on the big government union bosses, and we won.” Despite his optimism in labor he has since fallen to fellow Republican Candidate Donald Trump. Walker made reference to the fight with public sector unions in 2011 and his recall in 2012. He also had a victory against the public sector unions in 2014.

Scott Walker

Even though unions went on a heavy spending spree against Mr. Walker he still emerged victorious and wasn’t intimidated. The battles have since become the center of Walker’s presidential campaign. He has set out plans for both Sunday and Monday to have a call riding on a rented Harley Davidson going to all of the ten counties in New Hampshire.

Top Democratic presidential contenders are also embracing unions and Walker is expecting to take them on. His move hasn’t gone well with union leaders in his home state. Secretary treasure of AFL-CIO in Wisconsin, Stephanie Bloomingdale said, “He should be ashamed of what he has done and should not be proud to sit on that Harley-Davidson that was made by hard working men and women.” Seems like Walker’s feud with the union leaders are not over just yet.